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Building Green - Energy and Water Efficiency
November 20th, 2009 12:51 PM

Probably the most recognized element of green building is energy efficiency.  Also beginning to capture attention, due to global climate concerns, is the efficient management of water.  Both bring important savings to the homeowner while conserving important resources.


Energy consumption occurs during the construction, operation, and, indirectly, in the production of the materials that go into the home. A Green Built home reduces all these impacts.  Energy efficient design and appliance selection can make the home up to 20% more efficient, reducing the homeowner’s operational utility expenses.

Green considerations include:

  • Site orientation to maximize lighting and heating conservation
  • Insulation, including windows, doors, and electrical outlets
  • Sealed crawl space to conserve heat and reduce moisture
  • High SEER HVAC systems and EnergyStar appliances


Today’s average home per capita daily water use is slightly over 64 gallons. Implementing water conservation measures can reduce this usage to 45 gallons or less.

Green Homes conserve water indoors and outdoors by:

  • Using natural species for planting in drought prone climates
  • Implementing collection systems to capture and reuse rainwater
  • Building rainwater gardens
  • Installing demand hot water heaters, low flow toilets, faucet aerators, energy star appliances, weather-based irrigation controls, and reusing greywater if permitted by local code.

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